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Brand new blag!

I've been working on-and-off (mostly off), for the last few months, on my new blag. I decided to use Kirby CMS as it looked like it would make it easier to quickly publish short entries on a regular basis. I'd tried out both Wordpress and Drupal for a personal blog, but I found too much of my time was spent configuring things, and messing with markup.

Given my propensity toward Stack Overflow, and how SO implemented markdown, I wanted my own blag to be equally easy to update.

There will of course be issues. There's a long list of features that I've been mulling around in the back of my head, figuring out how I plan on implementing them.

For the time-being I plan on writing with (ir)regularity to see where this project takes me. I've been wanting to have a place where I can post things and not have them get lost in the sea of social media, or have them branded by some company looking to make money off of my postings.

Utmost importantlyest, I want a place where I can share code, and information about code in a manner separate from the Q&A that SO provides.