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Das Keyboard

For the first time since 2008, my home computer is not connected to my Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate with it's exquisite Cherry MX Blue clicky switches. It's been a good run, and seven years is nothing to shake a USB cable at. My keyboard served me exceptionally well for the last seven years, and I can honestly say it's the best keyboard I've ever owned.

After more than five years of knuckle-hair and dust, I removed all the keycaps and gave it a good cleaning. It was around that time that the Enter key on the numpad began to stick a bit. Nothing a little silicone spray couldn't fix, but I'd just never gotten around to fixing it because I hardly ever used that Enter key anyway.

In the last year, the nubs on the F and J keys wore off. The keys were so smooth that I had a hard time touch-typing because I could no longer orient my hand properly on the keyboard.

In the last month, the left Ctrl and Win keys started sticking.

I heavily considered taking the keycaps off again to give it a thorough cleaning, and unstick the keys with silicone, but to be honest, the keyboard has served me so well for the last seven years that it doesn't owe me anything. It's earned its retirement on the shelf with the three mice that I've used and retired in the last seven years.