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HTML belongs in .html files. CSS belongs in .css files. JS belongs in .js files.

This might seem laughable at first glance, but it's easy to forget.

Which is why I write about it all the time.

More importantly, HTML, CSS, and JS create a wonderful MVC pattern for front-end web development.

  • HTML is the model, it contains the data.
  • CSS is the view, it contains the styles.
  • JS is the controller, it contains the interactions.

This MVC structure makes for a powerful delegation of responsibility. When you want to change the state of a widget on a page, you can use JavaScript to change the available styling hooks. Hooks are generally from attributes such as classes, or [data-*] attributes. If you're using jQuery, the data method can be used to access hooks to create widgets using unobtrusive JavaScript.

This is another topic I write about all the time.


A lot.