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Show Windows' Windows on All Virtual Desktops

I use Windows' virtual desktop feature pretty heavily. I find it useful to quickly switch between work and communication software. This helps me keep focused while working, and minimize the time it takes me to reply to something in Slack.

This works great for most software, but every now and then I find myself having to move a window back-and-forth between my desktops.

This is particularly troublesome while screen-sharing in Zoom or while composing an email.

Fortunately there's an easy solution to the problem that I only recently found out about. Hitting Win+Tab will bring up the screen to manage virtual desktops. While on that screen you can right click to open a context menu for any of the open windows:

a screenshot of Windows' virtual desktop manager with two desktops and a single Visual Studio Code window open on desktop 1. A context menu has been opened from the Visual Studio Code window with the options: Snap left, Snap right, Move to, Show this window on all desktops, Show windows from this app on all desktops, and close

Two of the options are toggles to share the window across virtual desktops.

The first shares only the specific window, which is great for web browser windows.

The second shares every window from the app, which is great for video conferencing.

If you find yourself constantly dragging windows between virtual desktops while working, this will help make work a little more streamlined.