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Skype: Removing Imported Sounds

When configuring Skype settings, Skype has a convenient “Import sounds” button that easily allows you to add sound files to skype…regardless of whether Skype can read the files.

Worse yet, after importing sounds that don't work, skype refuses to overwrite the existing files with new files with the same name.

The icing on the cake is that it doesn't provide any tools for removing the imported sound files.

But I figured out how to get rid of them.

When skype imports audio files, it simply copies them to a folder in %appdata%. In Windows 8 they can be found at %appdata%\Skype\Content. Deleting any unnecessary files in the folder is enough to remove them from Skype settings. Be sure to reopen settings after removing the files, Skype isn't smart enough to live-reload the list.