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Why are we always wading?

So, why does it happen? Why are we always wading?

There are many factors that contribute to it. Let’s picture a company growing, hiring more employees to grow faster, new developers come in, old developers leave, the dynamic business changes the requirements quite constantly, the communication between IT and business has gaps, developers are so focused to achieve the sprint commitment, the rush is always putting pressure on everyone working on the project, no one cares to learn about the user-product relationship, no one cares to write tests, developers cannot design as it seems not to deliver short term value, TDD is philosophical, the company doesn’t invest time to train its teams, the most valuable practice is what solves the today’s problem, hero culture rises, we always need more logs to try to realise what is going on, we need to lead the market…

Felipe Martinsm, "Clean Code, bullshit or common sense?"

The last bit about hero culture rising and pushing to be first really resonates with me.