Useless Marketing Jargon

‘Premium’ is the least useful adjective when describing a product as it imparts exactly zero knowledge. Given that it means fuckall, you can safely replace the word with ‘fuckall’ in almost every instance of its use.

The Right Way to Build a Text Editor #

I read an excellent article on medium on how [contenteditable] is terrible with a detailed mathematical explanation of why. More importantly it explained at a high level how Medium designed their editor and what was involved to make it not suck. It's a fascinating article, and absolutely worth a read.

Ambition of Pens

Every pen has the potential to write the next great story. There are times I wonder if mine find me disappointing.

Feline Affection

Is my cat trying to show affection, or is she just really bad at smothering?

Client Haiku

From experience,
doing what the client asks
is a bad idea.