Dots Oscillating #

I've meant to finish this years ago, but I never got around to figuring out the proper cubic bezier timing funtion that most closely matches a cosine.

The idea stemmed from two different illusions, which I have since lost the links to.

The first was a series of dots that oscillated on straight lines to produce what appears to be a ring rotating around a larger percieved circle.

The second was a series of cirlces rotating to produce what appears to be waves.

Having seen both illusions I decided to throw them together—which I started to do a couple years ago—and then promptly forgot about it.

Worst Version of IE

The worst version of IE is always the latest version of IE.

New Tech Start-up Bubble #

A interesting and humorous talk by Dan Lyons about his experiences joining a tech startup.

Spaghetti Code

Copy-pasta is a recipe for spaghetti code.

Bad Assumptions

I'm going to make a bunch of bad assumptions and we'll get to fix them later

The Art of Labeling #

Rob Dodson covers some of Chrome's dev tool features regarding accessibility in this A11ycasts video.

Effective Estimation #

An excellent talk about how to improve the process of estimation. I particularly appreciated the discussion about how to turn estimation into a probability curve.