I am a front-end web developer with a strong interest in learning more about everything, which is why I spend a lot of time answering questions on Stack Overflow:

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Specifically I enjoy making JavaScript widgets and messing around with CSS.

When it comes to programming, there's nothing I can't do or learn. That said, I don't like database programming very much, so I tend to avoid it, relying instead on my co-workers who specialize in server-side development (they never seem to want to tackle CSS issues for some reason, probably something to do with Internet Exploder).

In 2010 I completed a degree in Information Technology with concentrations in web development and game development at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I initially chose IT because I knew that I wanted to do something involving computers, I just didn't know what yet. I had some interest in Game Development, and the IT program had a number of Game Development concentrations available.

I am really interested in Game Development as it applies to application development. The game development industry is highly competitive, which forces game developers to create highly accessible, entertaining software. The application development industry is generally less competitive due to how software typically needs to address niche requirements from a very limited set of users. Without the high pressure of needing to compete with hundreds of other development studios, business application software has a tendency to look industrial and be dreadfully dull to use.

By the end of my Junior year, I had decided that I wanted to focus in web development. It's pretty easy to see the trend of applications being migrated to become web applications, and I genuinely enjoy working with HTML CSS and JavaScript.

This is my website and place for personal musings. Feel free to leave comments, or shoot me an email at any time.