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More than Coding

I meant to share this a couple months ago when I first read it. It's an excellent breakdown of some of the differences between software engineer levels and the type of work expected.

As a tangent, Bonnie Eisenman uses the following roles for the various different levels:

  • junior
  • midlevel
  • senior
  • staff

I like that Bonnie chose to label the various levels numerically. I prefer to use numeric levels when possible, as it helps to avoid some bias when someone switches to tech late in their career and takes on a "junior" role. Unfortunately there's no real standard for numeric levels.

My preferred labels are along the lines of:

  • level 0: intern/co-op
  • level 1: junior
  • level 2: midlevel
  • level 3: senior
  • level 4: staff

Anyway, go read Bonnie's post.